External and Internal Audit

We are high quality professional that serve the interests of our customers and the information in its financial statements, results of operations of the company, wich are technically made available to shareholders for effective and correct decisions..

Our conception of the audit of financial statements includes a global understanding of the business to which our client belongs, which results in advantages in the performance of work.

Likewise, our customers are permanently and personalized attended by an experienced executive in the area in which the company operates, this means that we strive to continue, year after year, the team that makes up our staff.

Operational Audit

We carry out an evaluation of the organization as a whole, by reviewing the ADMINISTRATIVE and internal operating CIRCUITS, as well as the physical, technological and human economic resources used in order to detect weaknesses or shortcomings, as well as corroborate their validity and consistency, producing a report with recommendations and suggestions that allow the company complete control of the entire organization.

Financial Accounting Advice

It is essential to have a precise knowledge of the operations carried out in all types of companies, which is why it is necessary to have an optimal operation registration system under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and thus, obtain the information that is requires to prepare financial statements that help the entrepreneur in decision making. These decisions will allow effective control of the management of its resources and the sources that have been obtained. We assist our clients in everything related to the improvement of the ACCOUNTING ADMINISTRATIVE STRUCTURE, preparing work plans and their corresponding procedures.

In our accounting department we have highly qualified personnel to carry out the accounting records of all types of companies regardless of their activity (commercial, industrial, services, agricultural, transport, construction, etc.) and determine the taxes caused, in addition to prepare declarations for proper compliance with tax obligations.

Management and Financial Management Consulting

We advise you for superior performance in financial processes, cost management and profitability through techniques based on the economic value of the company.

Our services are based on a business consulting approach that allows evaluating and obtaining results about the company, related to the type of operation or commercial activity that it carries out. Among the operations that we can advise you are: Company Consolidations, Company Valuations, Business Plan, Financial Feasibility Studies, Organizational Structure of the Company, Process Reengineering and Preparation of Manuals of Operating and Administrative Procedures.

Payroll Administration and Management

At UGARTE, QUIÑONEZ & ASOCIADOS we care about the human capital of our clients, as well as the efficient management and handling of their payroll. This allows those responsible for the human resources areas to focus on their business strategy, delegating the operating process to our team of professionals.

Due to the variety of factors covered by payroll administration, we provide our clients with:

  • Payroll Administration.
  • IESS Page Administration through employment history.
  • Preparation and Legalization of
  • Labor Contracts and Settlement Acts.
  • Training and staff development.
    Recruitment and staff selection.

Fraud Prevention and Detection

Our purpose is to collaborate with the company in a methodology that allows fraud prevention and detection:

  • We support the development of a culture of ethics and transparency.
  • We help prevent, detect, and stop fraud, theft, and other property crimes by strengthening existing internal controls.
  • We detect «symptoms» that can be the beginning of illegal and irregular behaviors.
  • We establish programs for the prevention and detection of inappropriate behavior.

Fixed Assets and Inventory

We offer you advice for the comprehensive administration of Fixed Assets.

  • We perform the inventory of your fixed assets to know the physical location, identification and specific individual conditions of the asset.
  • During the development of the physical inventory, the use of fixed asset labels and plates is required. Our firm advises you to define the types of labels, materials, barcodes and software for asset control.
  • Reconciliation of accounting records with physical inventory and legal documentation of assets.
  • You will know the value of your fixed assets more reliably and accurately, obtaining real information to help you make the best decisions.

Strategic communication

Our corporate communication consulting department has a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in multinational companies in the design and implementation of communication strategies geared to each client’s need, in order to enhance business results in companies.

We design 360 communication plans and strategies, which include online and offline communication actions.

  • Internally created communication.
  • Reputation management.
  • Crisis communication.
  • Institutional relations and public affairs.
  • Advertising management with the media.
  • Digital communication consulting Organization of corporate events.
  • Corporate social responsibility.
  • Corporate identity design.
  • Leadership and corporate positioning.
  • Communication training for companies and professionals.

Corporate Law and Corporate Governance

We serve companies of all sizes, both domestic and foreign, even before their incorporation or arrival in the country, creating the most efficient and effective corporate structures for their businesses. We support our clients in the structuring of businesses and their companies or other legal vehicles, particularly in matters of structuring their companies for the best way to manage their businesses, advice on joint ventures and shareholders agreements, corporate restructuring, corporate governance.

Our area of ​​corporate law and corporate governance provides advice in the negotiation and preparation of all kinds of agreements and documents that may be necessary, as well as in the preparation of legal reports. A distinctive feature of the area is its great creativity when it comes to dealing with new, complex issues or those that need a fresh look, in order to be able many times to create new legal solutions to particular issues.

We advise clients in all stages of a company acquisition, either as a selling or buying party, supporting the preparation and negotiation of acquisition contracts, review and due diligence, improvement of the transaction and the adequacy of the post-acquisition company.

  • Fusions and acquisitions.
  • Financing, structured and others.
  • Foreign investment.
  • Contracts and other types of documentation.
  • Reports in law